All About Hardwood

All About Hardwood

  • Sealed at the factory for added durability 
  • Quick installation; none of the mess or extended finish time of traditional hardwood flooring
  • Less maintenance then traditional hardwood
  • A classy upscale look 
  • Dust regularly with microfiber cloth or mop
  • Vacuum weekly with bristle brush attachment
  • Clean with microfiber mop as needed
  • For specific guidelines look up your floor manufacture
Frequently Asked QuestionS
Q. What is the difference between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring?

A. Prefinished hardwood has been finished at the factory for faster, cleaner installation. Unfinished hardwood must be nailed in and then sanded and refinished on site which adds significant time to the installation and can be messy. 

Q. How can I better protect my prefinished hardwood against wear and tear?

A. Prefinished hardwood is factory coated and sealed to provide extra protection, the edges are often beveled to prevent chipping as well. To prolong life follow regular maintenance procedures and look up the warranty guidelines. Keep pets trimmed, use felt furniture pads, and avoid sliding heavy objects on your prefinished hardwood floor.

Q. What is the process for installing my prefinished hardwood?

A. Our installers will make sure that the floor is level and dry. A subfloor is installed (usually plywood) as well as a vapor sheet to prevent moisture build up and provide added sound reduction. They will then lay the hardwood floor. Once the floor is laid it is ready for use!

Q. What type of heavy duty cleaner is safe for me to use?

A. When regular maintenance isn’t enough be sure to look at the manufactures guidelines for heavy duty cleaning. This will vary from manufacture to manufacture and since every product is different it is worth double checking. Ammonia and oil soaps will damage your floor. When possible it is best to clean spills quickly and avoid stains. 


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