All About Carpet

All About Carpet

  • Carpet is soft, warm, and quiet, perfect for the family  room!
  • Traps and suppresses allergens 
  • Comes in a variety of types;
    • Texture- Smooth and traditional, great for high traffic areas
    • Twist- A stylish look that offers durability as well
    • Loop- Most durable, great for family rooms, basements, work out rooms, etc.
    • Pattern- Offers a distinctive look for high visual impact, normally used in formal areas 
  • Vacuum regularly 
  • Be ready to spot clean spills with soap and water
  • For longest lasting results carpet should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year
  • For specific guidelines look up your carpet manufacture 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I prolong the life of my carpet?

A. Frequent vacuuming is key, ideally high traffic areas should be vacuumed daily. Also ensuring that shoes are wiped or taken off before entering carpeted rooms can help. Taking these precautions not only keeps your carpet clean, it helps prevent dirt and allergens from being ground into your carpet which can damage the fibers.

Q. I rearranged my room, how do I get rid of the dents left by the furniture?

A. Often these dents will go away within a few hours. If they don’t try holding a hot steam iron 4-5 inches above your carpet while using a stiff object to move it back into place. Furniture pads and regular movement of furniture can help prevent dents. 

Q. What can I expect during my carpet installation?

A. One of our professional installers will come get precise measurements to ensure the right amount of carpet is ordered. Your installer will make sure you know what furniture will need to be moved; either you can do it or we can include that in our labor. They will make sure the floor is dry and ready for install and then lay down your carpet pad and tack strips. Our professionals will then roll out the carpet, stretch it, cut it, and tack it down. Once installed carpet is immediatley ready for use. 

Q. Should my baseboards be on or off for carpet installation?

A. Baseboards should be on for installation. Our installers will tuck the carpet under the baseboards so there is no edge or gaps. 


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